Why You Should Care

Gaining the competitive advantage is no small task. It’s important for dealerships to provide a superior customer experience before the customer even steps foot into the door. That’s right, BEFORE they even step foot in the door. Here’s an example:


When a prospective buyer searches for your dealership, be sure to show up on the Search Engine results page. Don’t make customers scroll through pages and pages to find your dealership. Chances are they won’t. Research shows, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

– Search Engine Journal

Once a prospective buyer gets to your dealership, it’s all about the appearance of your dealership that can make or break the customer experience. Just as you go to great lengths to brand your dealership, update your floor plan to promote products, refresh OEM lines and products you carry—your website, too, needs a strategy to stand out from the others. Prospects are obviously coming to your website to research your inventory and pricing. But give them more content than they are expecting, a website experience that goes beyond simply selling your inventory. This is just the beginning in building a loyal customer base.

Keep these statistics in mind when thinking about your online strategy:

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