Blog Future of Artificial Intelligence AI A.I.

AI is Taking Over in the Most Unexpected Way

As technology continues to extend further into our everyday lives, we thought it relevant to address what appears to be the next wave of advancement. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword for some time now and it already affects both your personal and professional life. From shopping cart recommendations on Amazon to email spam […]

Facebook's Algorithm Deconstructed Blog Post

Facebook’s Algorithm, Deconstructed.

Unhappy with your level of engagement on Facebook? Do you feel like your posts are not being found by the right users? Algorithms like Google’s monstrous equation or in this case, Facebook’s, are created for the sole purpose of solving a problem. Today we’re going to tackle the complex algorithm of Facebook in 4 simple […]

Why Should I Exhibit Tricks of the Tradeshow Blog Post

Tricks of the Trade(show): Why Exhibit?

While we specialize in online marketing here at Commercial Web Services, and obviously spend a significant portion of our blog discussing this topic, today we want to expand our discussion to include face-to-face marketing, namely, trade show marketing. Though what we do in the online marketing space is increasingly important, it will never hold a […]

Commercial Web Services Makayla Calderone 10 Years Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Makayla Calderone Celebrates 10 Years with CWS!

This month’s employee spotlight is a very special one. Meet Makayla! Makayla Calderone is ourMarket Data Specialist, and this week she is celebrating her 10 year anniversary with Commercial Web Services! We were excited to get her perspective on the business over the past ten years and highlight her strong influence within our business as […]

CWS Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Shane Carlisle

It’s time to introduce you to our Employee of the Month! Meet Shane! Shane Carlisle is our newest CAM- Client Advocate Manager- here at CWS and plays a major role as the primary point of contact for our dealers, constantly communicating with them and reviewing their success with our services. Since he’s begun his journey […]

Photography For Your Business Blog Post

Photography for Your Business

A picture is worth a thousand words. Although you’ve probably heard this saying before, I’m sure there are some of you who’ve never considered how this relates to your business! Our world is increasingly digital and visual, therefore, pictures have become increasingly valuable and necessary to marketing a business well. A popular example of this […]