Keeping Up with Your Industry through Social Media

Out with the old, in with the new? Not exactly. The best marketing strategies involve the use of old and new tactics together. Think of old tactics being print publications and traditional mail marketing; new being the obvious, ever-growing, Social Media. Social Media can be used to attract customers, expand markets and inform them of […]


Why Most Websites Fail

Do you have a website that seems to have all the bells and whistles but just isn’t generating leads, sales and/or website traffic? Believe it or not, this infographic depicts  a common thought process that most decision makers go through. Your website is designed to operate 7 days a week running 24 hours of the day, it is your […]


Five Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make

One of the biggest challenges a business faces is to create great products and services and  market them the right way. Unfortunately it’s easy to let the quality of marketing fall, causing a negative impact on the product and service that the business provides. The following are ten marketing mistakes to avoid: 1. Assuming the […]