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Putting the Cooperation Back into Co-op Brand Marketing -- Joanne Costin

Manufacturers need dealers to connect with buyers in local markets just as dealers need manufacturers to build brand awareness for the products they sell. So how can dealers and manufacturers develop stronger relationships to accomplish this shared goal of being successful in the industry? 


According to Porter, the most successful programs are the ones in which the OEM promotes the partnership with the web services provider. "OEMs need to be actively involved in supporting the program message, reinforcing that the progrmas meet the strategic objectives of the OEM, " Porter said, "and be advocates of the program for the sake of making their dealers better operators."

App Mania -- Joanne Costin 

App Mania discussed the growing use of mobile devices and how it has played a significant role in the creation of mobile websites and apps. As an industry leading web solutions provider, Commercial Web Services' emphasized the importance of having a mobile website. 


Jaime Lyle, Business Development Manager stated, "As businesses increasingly rely on mobile technologies to conduct business, it's important for our dealers to be active in the mobile space by providing mobile-appropriate content that works with mobile devices, as opposed to against them." 

AED Dealer Websites Go Social --  Joanne Costin 

This article emphasizes the importance of writing good content throughout your website and then sharing it across the Internet.


 "Customers no longer want to be sold; they want to be informed. Search engines reward marketers who are doing a good job of informing customers by publishing quality content on a regular basis." 

JCB Announces 2011 Dealer Excellence Awards

JCB determines the recipients of its North American Dealer of Excellence awards based on the following criteria: market share; retail performance vs. goal; parts SOE; parts sales improvement; sales and service training; and dealer development and re-branding.

The six top-performing dealerships are: 

 In addition, three JCB dealerships were also recognized for their outstanding achievements: 

  • AES JCB - Best Agricultural Dealer
  • Dougherty JCB - Most Improved Dealer
  • Northland JCB - Best New Dealer 

Websites Work Overtime for Dealers -- Joanne Costin 

The December issue of Construction Equipment Distribution magazine featured an article reinforcing Commercial Web Services' philosophy on the place of the web in a dealer's business. 


"Jennie Davis, OEM relationship manager for Equipment Web Services, educates dealers on getting over the "build it and they will come" mentality. To do this, she encourages dealers to look at their website as another location of their business.

"A person wouldn't build a physical location and never staff it, never go in it, never update it, never clean the floor, or put up signage," said Davis, "but they [dealers] will spend $10,000, 15,000, $30,000 or more on a website and never have a process for managing it, never update it and never change it."

According to Davis, anybody can provide a pretty web design, but if a company does not know what you want to accomplish in your business, it won't ever be more than just a pretty site. Websites today should serve as the central focus of a company's communications and meet specific business objectives.

The Modern Group, headquartered in Bristol, Pa., had annually updated its site and hosted it themselves, but after restructuring the company they wanted to add some Web 2.0 functionality to the site and sought help from Equipment Web Services. According to President, CEO and Director Dave Griffith, one of the key objectives was driving used equipment sales.

"Our Web traffic is four to five times the traffic that we had previously," said Griffith. "We have a number of transactions we can point to that were sold through the new used site." 

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