SEO Tip: Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management is an important part of marketing your business online. Doing a keyword search in the Search Engines for your business name can reveal what customers are saying about your website and business. Managing negative (and positive) customer generated reviews can help with branding your business on the Internet.

Ways to manage both positive and negative reviews:

– Respond – If a customer complained but the issue was resolved, say so. If it wasn’t, make an offer to help further resolve the issue.

– “Thank you” – If a customer praises or compliments your company, an employee, service tech, etc., a quick ‘Thanks’ is an easy and nice way to show gratitude.

Google Alerts are a good way to monitor comments made online about your business.  Go to http://www.google.com/alerts and input your business name as a search term. Google will search the web and email you with anything related to your business daily or weekly, whichever you select!


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