B2B & Facebook: Communicate with a Purpose

Are you one of the many organizations still wondering if it even makes sense to try to reach a business audience on Facebook? With more than 800+ million active users on Facebook, the real question should be: Is your business effectively communicating with a purpose on Facebook?

Here’s what we took away from 4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook:

  1. Become an Industry Resource: Providing your fans with an additional resource on your Facebook Fanpage will only encourage users to see the value in visiting your page. However, don’t just be a search engine. Invite others to engage in conversation by posing a question or stating your business’ stance on the subject matter. Just be sure to steer away from expressing opinions that may be offensive as you may end up doing more damage control than good for your business.
  2. Engage the Community: Ask your fans about their experiences with your business. Is there any aspect of your business you may not have thought to capitalize on but need to based on customer feedback? This is your opportunity to get the answers to the questions that will lead to your business’ overall success.
  3. Expand Beyond Your Wall: Don’t just promote through your wall in a hundred-some characters or less, set up promotions through various applications. Recently, we, Commercial Web Services released Social Link, a Facebook application designed to integrate a dealer’s website inventory with their Facebook Fanpage. With the ability to ‘like’ and comment on inventory, dealers are able to see which inventory items are most popular. In addition, the post to the wall feature allows dealers to post inventory to feature on their wall in an aesthetically pleasing manner that not only keeps users on their Fanpage but can also redirect users to the dealership’s website for purchase. Want more information about Social Link? http://tiny.cc/ipxbo
  4. Lighten Up: People can easily learn about your business through reviews, your website, and other businesses but what they can’t gain is knowledge about your company’s team ie. individual achievements, traditions, and involvement with the community and/or other companies. By humanizing your brand through pictures, insightful posts, videos etc. you are able to capture your company values that cannot be found elsewhere and that is what the people want to read about.

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Sheryll Allaire / June 10, 2017

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