Social Media: Must or Bust? Part 2

To recap this blog series, here are the reasons why we feel you should be using social media:

  1. You improve search engine rankings.
  2. You develop industry connections and customer relationships.
  3. You grow your reach.

Last week you learned how social media can improve your search engine rankings. This week we want to talk deeper about our second point: It also allows you to develop industry connections and customer relationships.

Develop Industry Connections and Customer RelationshipsBy having a social presence, you have the ability to connect with others in your industry, including manufacturers, trade associations,Enhance your Reputation and Exposure and professional publications. You can engage with them by liking their posts and leaving comments, which enhances your reputation and exposes you to new audiences. Feel like you don’t have enough content to share with your followers? Utilize these connections to help you with this by sharing their posts with your followers.

Also, social connections give you the opportunity to learn from these industry leaders, get news on the latest and greatest products, and stay up to date with what’s trending, keeping you ahead of your competition. Through your social activity, you can create a reputation within the industry that establishes you as a power player.

Converting Customers into Repeat CustomersBut social media also allows you to connect with your customers, too! Utilizing social media for this can help your dealership get to know your customers on a different level. Turn your one-time customers into repeat customers by delivering relevant content to them on a daily basis. Social media allows you to interact with your customers, without being invasive, on a frequent basis that you would not be able to any other way.

And the industry connections you make on social media are a great way to learn from others that may be using social media to connect with their customers in ways you haven’t thought of – use them for inspiration!

Next week, we will cover our last main point for having a social presence: growing your reach. Be sure to check back!


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