10 Fun Team Outing Activities

Starting to notice some slumped over shoulders around the office? Are they having post-holiday blues? If so, it’s time to plan a team outing.

Team outings are a great way for team members to get to know each other outside the office and reduce stress. Plus, they’re fun and a good mental break for your employees. Whether you’re a team of five or a team of thirty, these out of the box ideas will give them something to look forward to.

Company Team Bonding Ideas

  1. Volunteer                                                                                                                                                             Taking time out of your day to go support a good cause is important. You not only get to help someone in need, but you’re also getting a chance to be part of your community. When considering volunteering activities, keep in mind that you can do place-based volunteering and skill-based. Placed-based volunteering ideas include volunteering at a soup kitchen, reading to children at the children’s hospital and helping build a Habitat for Humanity house. Skill-based volunteering is a good way to put your employee’s skills to use. These volunteer opportunities could include going to speak to a sales class at a local college.

Try Volunteer Match to find volunteer opportunities in your area! Check out some of our team volunteering! 


  1. Escape Room

No better way to break the ice and get people to work together toward a common goal than locking your employees in a room together and seeing if they can get out, right? The Escape room is a great bonding activity that requires teamwork, logic, leadership skills, communication and patience. Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular around the world for team events.

So what is an escape room? You’re “locked” in a room for an hour and must use elements of the room, puzzles and clues to find the key that unlocks the door. It sounds easier then it is, trust me. Find the closest one here. Our team was so happy they made it out! 

escape room

  1. Lip-Syncing Nights

What’s a better way than to get “quiet Steve” to break out of his shell? We all have that one employee who never takes a break from work and is always quiet. But, when you hand them a mic, they turn into a completely different person. Be sure to remind your employees that costumes give them bonus points. Wilshawn sang Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie, with an appearance by “Jay Z”.

lip syncing

  1. Laser Tag

Need to release some adrenaline? Laser tag is a great game to apply your teamwork skills. To make it more fun, create a theme for your employees to dress up as. For example, Star Wars, Harry Potter or Minions. Laser Tag is a great team building opportunity because it gives you a chance to work with people you may not work with at the office. You have to create strategies together in order to win and communicate with one another.

laser tag

  1. Game Day (Jenga)

You haven’t seen competitiveness until you play Jenga. Put together a Jenga tournament at your office and include prizes for the winners. We had our very own Jenga tournament at our office. We started with splitting up into teams of two playing regular Jenga. If you made it past the first round, you played one more game of regular Jenga before you made it to the giant Jenga. It got so intense, that one of our employees went home with a black eye from the giant jenga! If that’s not a good dinner table story, I don’t know what is. Here is Tracy brainstorming on what her next move is going to be.


  1. Cook off (Chili)

Want to participate in an event that requires creativity? Have a cook off! This could end up in either a disaster or a culinary dream. You can pick any food category ranging from chili to pizza. The cook-off can be done as teams and/or individuals. Create a voting sheet and ask your employees to vote on their favorite dish! The winner gets bragging rights!  Below are the three winners of our chili cook off!


  1. Bowling

Can you break a hundred in bowling without using the bumpers? Bowling is a great way to incorporate some friendly competition while wearing some fashionable shoes at the same time. Split up into teams, grab your co-workers and get to playing! Be sure to create teams with people who may not always work together so they can get to know each other outside of work. John decided to throw on his good luck mullet for the game!


  1. Game Day

Is your team spirit slacking? Get your team together and head to a sports game! No major sports team in your area? Host your own sports night. You could split the team up into two teams and play kickball! Kickball is a great way to work together and use your communication skills. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Below is our Minor League baseball team, The Norfolk Tides.


  1. Paint Nite

Are you looking for a more relaxing activity that requires less noise? Paint Nite hosts painting classes by local artists at various restaurants or bars. It’s a great way for your team to catch up over a few drinks and let their creativity flow.

Baltimore, MD -- Artist Caren Shelley (standing at left) leads the class t as PaintNite visits Tatu on Water Street Thursday, Jun. 27, 2013. (Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun Staff) [] (_1D35738.JPG)]

  1. Scavenger Hunt

If where you live is anywhere like Norfolk, Virginia, then you have to take advantage of a nice day. Our weather changes by the day and even hour. When that beautiful day arrives, have a scavenger hunt around your city. This will not only make them feel refreshed, but you will get some great photos out of it. Use apps such as Stray Boots to get organized. Stray Boots creates a 2-3 hour mobile scavenger hunt for you in the city or neighborhood of your choosing. They will help make your experience seamless and stress free, doing all the work for you. One of the scavenger hunt tasks were to pose with a mannequin. 


These activities will give your employees a good break from work and it will show them that you appreciate their hard work.


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