Defining Social Marketing Jargon

We have all heard the buzz words around social media for quite some time now, but does anyone really understand what they all mean? This blog post is designed to help you get a firm grasp on all that social marketing jargon everyone is throwing around nowadays.

But first of all, what is social marketing?!

Social Marketing is harnessing the power of the social media world for the good of your business by connecting with business partners and prospective clients on these common platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Social Synergy: The way your various social platforms work together to create a bigger, more interconnected voice when sharing content than just one platform could. These include but are not limited to: campaigns, promotions, pieces of content, contests, or any other action taken in social media.

Tip: consider the scale of each platform and its ability to reach more consumers than just Facebook could, check out this article on weighing these different platforms.

Reach: the number of unique people who view your posts on social media. Not to be confused with impressions, see below.

Optimize: To continually rethink and rework your content to be more efficient and enticing to your audience. This applies to many components, such as staying current with which kind of posts are most popular- videos, pictures, or articles, inviting engagement in all posts by adding a call to action, and utilizing new features introduced, like Facebook Marketplace.

Impressions: the number of times your content is seen by individuals on social media. Impressions are typically higher than reach as one person could see the same post or ad multiple times. In that instance, the reach would be 1, but the impressions would be 2.

Engagement: the number of interactions with your posts (i.e. likes, comments, link clicks etc.)

The Golden Rule (of Social Media)– if you want your posts to be shared, liked, commented on… share, like, and comment on the posts of your peers!

CTA (call to action): while also used in other forms of marketing, this part of your content invites the reader to take action in some way shape or form. By asking a question or instructing readers to do something you are priming them for engagement. For example, during holidays you might share how your office is celebrating and end the post by asking, “how are you celebrating?” or when sharing a piece of content give clear instructions such as, “click on this link to find out more!”

Which of these takes precedence in gauging the pulse of your social presence?

Engagement is the goal with all marketing strategy, and your social strategy is no exception! Amidst all that populates their social feeds, you want your peers and consumers alike to be engaged in your posts, articles, pictures, so that they feel connected to your business on a personal level.

Need a more extensive glossary on social media terms? Check out this article on HubSpot that unveils it all.


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