Mudslinging Makes You Dirty

We’re all familiar with the old saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This holds true with what you say about your competition, especially when you’re having a conversation with customers or potential customers. Ethics in sales is extremely important and often-times your word represents your honor. Below […]


Importance of Testimonials

Don’t send the wrong message by having a blank “testimonials” page!  A “testimonials” page with no customer reviews could potentially send the wrong message to website visitors and be worse than not having the page available at all. Website testimonials are the online version of “Word of Mouth” advertising. A customer’s review about their positive experiences can help […]


Why Load-Speed Matters

When it comes to the loading speed of your website, every second counts when engaging a potential customer. People have very little patience, especially when it comes to technology, and if they have to wait to get what they want from your website, you will lose their attention. Speed is priority for most web-users and […]


5 Content Marketing Tips

Is your website content not generating the attention you want? You’ve worked hard building your website up and you’ve developed great content but you’re not reaching the desired audience. This can be extremely frustrating. Below are some tips to help reach and retain the audience that you need. 1. Purpose and Objectives What is the […]


Five Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make

One of the biggest challenges a business faces is to create great products and services and  market them the right way. Unfortunately it’s easy to let the quality of marketing fall, causing a negative impact on the product and service that the business provides. The following are ten marketing mistakes to avoid: 1. Assuming the […]


Representing Your Manufacturers

Whether your website has been live for a week, or a year, it’s important to think about your manufacturer product lines. How are you representing the brands you carry? After the lights go out at the dealership at the end of the day (and even while they’re still on), your website is your viewers’ link […]


The Modern Group – A Winning Website

MHEDA Edge recently published an excellent article covering the new Modern Group web site. Read on to learn more about how CWS helped Modern Group, a leading material handling equipment distributor, build an industry-leading website! This article originally appeared in the July 2010 issue of MHEDA Edge. Copyright Data Key Communications. All rights reserved. You […]