Social Media Transparency Can Lead to Customer Trust

Social Media Transparency Can Lead to Customer Trust 

Construction Executive

February 28, 2019


Despite the many ways it already impacts businesses, one of the key ways social media has become an asset to companies is by providing the ability to earn their customer’s trust.

Three Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Three Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Construction Executive

February 4, 2019


A recent article from Social Media Today featured some intriguing customer service facts paired with adjustments businesses can make to their own customer service teams to make them a stronger asset to the company.

Easy Ways to Create Convert-worthy Social Content

Easy Ways to Create Convert-worthy Social Content

Construction Executive

January 9, 2019


It’s safe to say that when businesses invest time and money into their social media platforms, they have a clear goal in mind: to capture more customers and create content that actually converts them.

Advertising for Small Dealers on Facebook

Advertising for Small Dealers on Facebook

CED Magazine

October 2018 Issue


Facebook has become a leading channel through which businesses advertise their products and services. It has evolved from simply a social networking site to a lead-generating and converting tool. So what are some real-life experiences that showcase this?

Three Reasons Contractors Need to Invest in a Responsive Website

Three Reasons Contractors Need to Invest in a Responsive Website

Construction Executive

October 1, 2018


The term “responsive website” is frequently thrown around by marketers, typically in conversations about building a new website, but do companies know what it really means and why it’s critical to their online marketing and greater business strategy?  READ MORE

Why Construction Marketing Needs to Be More Visual

Construction Executive

September 18, 2018


Looking at the evolution of any company or media platform, there’s a clear trend that’s developed over the past few years. This trend is a notable increase in visual assets, particularly in the ways companies market themselves and communicate. READ MORE


How Construction Businesses Should View Social Media 

Construction Executive

September 3, 2018


When people think of businesses using social media, construction isn’t typically front of mind. In this age of rapidly changing technology, it’s time to adjust that mindset and think of social media as a strategic and extremely relevant online marketing tool. READ MORE

Women Who Inspire Us: Jennifer Hansen

MHEDA Journal

July 16, 2018


One of MHEDA’s most important undertakings in the last several years has been to increase the diversity of our industry and our membership. Material handling has a reputation as a “boys club” but increasingly, women are joining the industry and moving up the ladder and into positions of authority. READ MORE

CWS Search Strategies

CE-DFW Sees Success From SEO/SEM Strategies


June 28, 2018


CE-DFW, a premier material handling equipment dealer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has seen a significant increase in their sales leads since partnering with Commercial Web Services, a division of Trader Interactive, on their search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies. READ MORE

Five Reasons Why Training Isn’t Time Wasting

Construction Executive

June 14, 2018


The construction industry has very clearly evolved over the past few decades. In just the last few years, many advancements in technology contributed to shifts in how certain work is done. Successful companies invest their time and money in training, knowing it will impact the overall success of the company. READ MORE

New Name, New Home

Insider Business Quarterly

June 13, 2018


Trader Interactive, a Norfolk-based digital marketing company, recently took over three floors in downtown’s Dominion Tower at 999 Waterside Drive. The decision to leave the Dominion Enterprises building at 150 Granby St. came after West Street Capital Partners VII acquired Dominion Web Solutions last June. READ MORE

CWS on Construction Executive-June 2018

5 Ways to Attract and Retain Workers

Construction Executive

June 4, 2018


Across all fields of construction, the industry is seeing a severe labor shortage during a time when the industry should be flourishing. The construction industry is one of few having consistent growth when it comes to number of jobs and contracts available, however the number of employees is quickly dwindling. READ MORE

10 Steps to Building Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy

Farm Equipment

May 11, 2018


Now more than ever, it’s become imperative that dealerships have a strategic digital marketing plan in place. These are ten basic steps you can take in your approach to mapping out the perfect marketing plan efficiently and stress-free. READ MORE

Three Areas Most Impacted by the Skills Shortage

Construction Executive

May 7, 2018


Everyone in the construction industry is painfully aware that the labor shortage is impacting almost every facet of their business. Despite such a positive projected growth for the industry, it’s vital businesses evaluate what areas the labor shortage is affecting the most. A recent report from Hays’ U.S. 2018 Salary Guide showcases the areas most impacted. READ MORE

Commercial Web Services Dealer Online Marketing Platform

Farm Equipment

May 3, 2018


Commercial Web Services’ Dealer Online Marketing Platform is designed exclusively for the equipment industry to manage all facets of online marketing needs.This platform makes inventory management and listings on a website more efficient. READ MORE

Trader Interactive Moves Corporate Headquarters to Dominion Tower

Virginia Business

March 21, 2018


Trader Interactive, a digital marketing company, has moved its corporate headquarters in downtown Norfolk to a new location. The company moved from 150 Granby St. to Dominion Tower at 999 Waterside Drive. READ MORE

Why Workforce Development is Crucial in Construction Industry

CED Magazine

March 2018 Issue


A recent study released by FMI Corporation revealed shocking results in relation to how the construction industry handles workforce development, or rather how it isn’t handling it.


Commercial Web Service Releases New Platform Exclusively for the Commercial Industry

March 14, 2018


This new platform is the first to be custom-built for commercial dealers to meet their specific needs in an ever-changing industry. It was designed to create a more modern, innovative, and efficient user experience. READ MORE

Commercial Web Services updates marketing platform for dealers

March 5, 2018


Commercial Web Services (CWS) has launched an updated online marketing platform for its customers. This new platform is the first to be custom-built for commercial dealers to meet their specific needs in an ever-changing industry. READ MORE

Commercial Web Services Releases New Platform Exclusively for the Commercial Industry

March 5, 2018


The function of the platform is to be a dealer’s go-to resource for managing their online marketing initiatives, such as inventory management and exposure, website management, lead generation, and more. READ MORE

Survey Says: Don’t Be Cool

CED Magazine

February 2018 Issue


It’s no secret that social media can be extremely beneficial for businesses of all sizes and scales.  However, just because you’re active on social media, doesn’t mean you’re using it the right way. READ MORE

How to Market on a Budget

CED Magazine

January 2018 Issue


There is plenty you can do with a small budget, you just need to get creative and think outside of the box. In this article we want to share some ideas for what you can do if your marketing budget happens to be pretty limited. READ MORE

Harness the Power of the Season in Your Marketing

CED Magazine

September 2017 Issue


Every dealer of ours undergoes some sort of seasonal changes in their offering, height or dip in business, busy service times, etc. We want to support you in not just acknowledging these changes that occur on the ground, but also for your business online. READ MORE

Dominion Web Solutions to be Acquired by Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division and Eurazeo

May 11, 2017


Dominion Web Solutions announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by West Street Capital Partners VII, a fund managed by the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division (“GS MBD”). READ MORE

GoSocial Generates Social Media Success for Richbourg’s Rentals

March 13, 2017


Commercial Web Services has partnered with Richbourg’s Rentals to manage its social media sites through GoSocial. GoSocial is an industry-first social media management solution for commercial truck, equipment and agricultural dealers. READ MORE

How dealer social media efforts lead to sales, increased customer engagement

February 14, 2017


When a California dealership started a new social media initiative, it had one primary objective: increase sales. From the beginning of the campaign its social media presence was dismal. READ MORE

5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

CED Magazine

January 2017 Issue


Do you find your business’s website is struggling to gain exposure online? If so, it may not be optimized for searching. One of the best ways to ensure your website is properly optimized is through your website content. READ MORE

Commercial Web Services Expands BuyerTrack for Material Handling Dealers

June 27, 2016


Commercial Web Services has announced the expansion of its BuyerTrack product to include the material handling industry, enhancing the online marketing solutions the company offers its dealer network. READ MORE