Employee Spotlight: Holly Clevenger

It’s time to introduce you to another new employee. Today, meet Holly Clevenger, who is our Strategic Partnership Manager. My name is Holly Clevenger. My professional passions are: sales, coaching, marketing and communications. I am a constant student and always looking for a great book or article on self improvement. My personal passions are reading, the […]


Employee Spotlight: Anton Stevens

It’s time to introduce you to another new employee! Today, meet Anton Stevens, who is one of our Customer Service Representatives. My name is Anton Stevens. I grew up in Florida, where I joined the Navy, which then brought me to Norfolk, Virginia in 1995. I left the Navy in 2003, and since then have […]


Employee Spotlight: Zach Williams

It’s time to introduce you to another new employee! Today, meet Zach Williams, who is one of our Digital Marketing Advisers. Zach’s job is to educate our dealers on how their digital presence can increase their business. My name is Zach Williams, I was born and raised in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  I went to Virginia […]


Why Are Your Employees Leaving?

When someone unexpectedly quits their job, it really shakes up the company. Remaining employees find themselves trying to pick up the extra work for the next few months until a replacement is found. People are talking around the office as to why he/she quit, effecting moral and making others question their reasons for sticking around. […]


The Importance of Employee Feedback

Employees want to know how they’re doing as often as possible. They’re not only looking for positive feedback but constructive criticism as well. What can they improve on? What are they doing well? Are they standing out in the organization? Managers have a responsibility to provide meaningful feedback to their employees on a regular basis […]


Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Davenport

It’s time for another Employee of the Quarter to introduce you to! Today, meet Chelsea Davenport, who is one of our Search Services Specialists. Chelsea manages Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for our dealers. Chelsea is originally from Hampton Roads. After moving around some as child, she lived in Chesapeake, Virginia for the […]


How to Hire a Great Employee

When it comes to having a successful business, often times it isn’t about the products or services you have to offer, but rather the type of people you have working for you. That is why hiring a great employee, who not only has the skills to complete the job but also sees your vision and […]