Social Media: The Secret to Increasing Your Conversion Rate

Social media can be a powerful, yet slightly confusing, tool to assist your marketing campaigns. Best practices are constantly changing and it’s easy to make mistakes. But despite social media’s tricky navigation, it’s important to utilize social platforms to bring in leads for your sales team. According to Smart Insights, 90% of users on social media have used the platforms to communicate with a brand.

Total Landscape care recently shared 5 ways to increase your conversion rate with social media. We’re breaking down their tips to help you uncover the social secret to better conversions.

1. Making Your Website Mobile: How many of us get frustrated when we can’t just search for something on our phones? This is true for many, as mobile is approximately half of the web traffic worldwide. Updating your website to make sure it’s available on all mobile devices will allow visitors to click over from your social platforms to your website to easily contact you for a quote or an answer to a question.

2. Creativity is Key with CTAs: As a business that has had to invest in marketing, calls to action shouldn’t be a new topic of conversation. Updating your call to action strategy from the typical, and frankly boring, verbiage will engage your customers. In some cases, you could even be penalized for outdated calls to action. Total Landscape Care explains, “some platforms, like Instagram, have even started to penalize the “link in bio” phrase in their algorithm.” Update your calls to action to entice customers to engage with your business online.

3. Video Content is King: This should not be a shock; video is now taking over all marketing platforms and is becoming one of the best ways to get your content shared on social media. Creating engaging videos will push your followers to share thus finding new audiences for your business to reach. 

4. Back to Basics with Good Content: While there are many things to consider when creating your social strategy, creating valuable content should be the number one priority for your dealership. The best part is that your dealership has some readily available content to share. Whether your dealership specializes in agriculture, heavy equipment, or trucks, you can share an image of your inventory on your job site or perhaps a piece of equipment leaving your lot. Create imagery to entice your customers. 

5. Reliability is Never Out of Style: Consistency is key. Create a clear message to send to your customers that show who your business is and distribute that message across all of your social platforms and website. Constructing a schedule and message will show your customers that you’re invested in connecting with customers and someone they can rely on for their purchasing decision.

Now it’s your turn to find social media success and earn more conversions! For assistance in your social strategy, our GoSocial program is here to help. Leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll get you connected with a Digital Marketing Advisor.


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