Is Your Dealership Website Bringing in Business?

You might have a website that you built 10 years ago and haven’t focused on it since. There have been minimal changes made, or possibly no changes, and you’re wondering why everyone raves about websites being an important sales and general business asset since you’re not seeing any results from it. You might be missing […]


Shaking Up Your Email Marketing Efforts

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about one of the most important marketing tools we have in our arsenal: email marketing. Email marketing is ever important in today’s marketing world, regardless of those naysayers who claim it’s dead. Every morning, you and I (and millions of others) open our inboxes out of necessity, habit, or […]


Do Links Matter for SEO?

There was a time not long ago when website owners feared link building because they thought Google disliked this behavior and considered it suspicious. This all stemmed from an update that Google made to their algorithm in 2012 named Penguin. We’re here to tell you that this fear has definitely been misunderstood, and link building […]


Google News: Posts for Local Businesses

Good news! Google recently added a new update that can help your local business: Google Posts. This update supports Google’s efforts toward improving local searches for consumers. At Google Summit last year, some mind-blowing stats were shared regarding local search: Nearly 1/3 of mobile searches are related to location. Location-related searches have been growing 50% […]