Make Your Social Pop with 3D

As a kid, it was always exciting when the new movie you were going to see was in 3D. Something about picking up those flimsy glasses brought an even more thrilling experience, knowing that your favorite characters were about to pop out on screen. While 3D is starting to become more and more frequent in the theater, some of the latest adopters include our everyday social media apps. Last year, Facebook announced the addition of 3D photos on their platform. What do they look like? Glad you asked!

Obviously, 3D photos are not yet flying off the screen like in the movies, but they do offer an unprecedented level of depth imaging that allows the picture to display differently depending on where it appears on the screen. For example, as you scroll past a 3D image on Facebook, the image will appear to provide a top-down view while on the bottom of your screen, then transition to a bottom-up view as it moves to the top of the screen. That’s pretty cool, and completely revolutionizes how consumers can view your inventory on Facebook!

New upgrades to this feature provide a great opportunity for boosting your dealership’s social media efforts. According to a recent breakdown by Social Media Today, Facebook is using the dual camera on more recent smartphones to create 3D images without any extra hassle from the user. While this has been available for some time now, Facebook has added three new options for users which could absolutely enhance your dealership’s social experience:

  • Facebook users will now be able to use the 3D effect on their stories. This feature is one of the most helpful for showcasing your inventory. You can use stories to feature different pieces that you’re looking to move from your lot. 3D will give your customers a better view to help make their purchasing decision even easier.
  • Facebook has added the ability to share 3D images from your desktop PC. While this is process is more-depth, it can create optimal results for the user. This option helps those users who aren’t on the smartphone bandwagon or those who would like to see their 3D image on a bigger screen. If using this option, make sure to play around a little bit! While it’s a more intensive process, this feature can be ideal for those in your dealership who spend more time at a computer.
  • Android consumers will also be able to join in on the 3D fun. Facebook has added the ability for certain Android smartphones to share 3D photos, so no matter what type of smartphone your team has, iPhone and Android users alike can take 3D images to show off your inventory.

While nothing can quite compete with going to see a 3D movie as a child, bringing 3D to your social media can help take your business posts to the next level. Get ahead of the trend and start to implement these photos in your social media posts. Share with us in the comments below how you’re going to implement this into your social strategy!


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