Helping Customers Choose Your Website Over Google

Google is no longer just a proper noun; it has become a verb in everyday life. If you don’t know the answer to a question, you simply “google” it. However, while Google is great for discovering new information within their thousands and thousands of search results, it can be easy to get lost and confused along the way. Plus, when one of your prospects or clients search for something related to your industry, Google is likely to not only show your website but your competitors too!

So why let your customers be confused and potentially drawn to the competition when you could provide the answers they need? Precision Farming Dealer breaks down a quote from Devin Dubois stating “‘dealers — especially now — need to be the primary resource of precision information for their customers.’” You and your staff have the knowledge, so why not use it to help inform your customers? More often than not, you’ll be able to give consumers more detailed descriptions and in-depth answers to their questions.

Here are some ways you can help your customer value your website as a multi-faceted resource for sales and general information that they can keep coming back to instead of using Google – helping you remain top-of-mind:

  • Make a blog. We know it may be a daunting task to start, but creating a blog is an easy place for you to provide information that can help your customers find answers to some of their questions. Not only is it helpful for your customers to have a one-stop-shop for easy information, but the blog will also help your search rankings (Hubspot). 
  • Have a live chat. While not every question is easy to answer in the long-form written word, having a live chat is a simple way for your customers to ask a quick question about your inventory and how to use it. You can set up automated bots to take care of the easy questions and have a designated employee to take care of the rest. This is a simple way to keep your customers informed and answer questions quickly without customers having to go through other resources.
  • Create a FAQ section on your website. Every business receives frequently asked questions. Compiling these onto one, searchable page will help make your website a central hub for customers which is available to them 24/7. This resource will not only be a valuable tool for your customers but will also ultimately save your employees time by not having to answer similar questions from multiple consumers day-after-day.

Utilizing your website to inform your customers will help you develop a reputation as a trusted expert to whom customers loyally return again-and-again. Our online solutions will help make sure your website is up to par!


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