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Live Chat’s Role in the Customer Experience

As technology becomes more engrained in your customer service journey, it’s important to ensure that no matter what channel you’re serving your customer through, your interactions align with the company’s attitude and mission.

Live Chat is a feature frequently being used by a variety of organizations to provide quicker service for their customers. This responsive approach ensures direct engagement with their customer base no matter how large the company and is an extremely valuable tool when used effectively.

An interaction between a Netflix employee and customer via the platform’s Live Chat has gone viral for its creative approach to handling a frustrating situation. The entire conversation can be viewed below.

Netflix Conversation

While Netflix is known for engaging with people as people instead of using some of the more robotic responses typically carried out by other companies, this conversation was one for the books.

With all of us being consumers in some way, shape or form, we know the frustration that starts before you even get to a customer service agent. The frustration that there’s an error to begin with, then frustration on how to best contact them, then usually an automated phone call where the frustration continues while you try to locate the right department and hopefully a human being.

Live Chat provides a quick and typically easy way to connect with a company representative and hopefully resolve the customer’s issue in a timelier fashion.

The Takeaway

In the interaction above, the Netflix representative created a fun and engaging experience for the customer in an otherwise frustrating scenario. Not only did this create a more positive experience for the customer despite the issue, but it also provided a great testament to the unique way Netflix provides customer service and ultimately sets itself apart from its competitors.

Are you currently using Live Chat on your website? How do you feel it’s been working for you and your customers? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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