Best Practices for Social Media in the Construction Industry

It should come as no shock that social media is a current staple in the way the world communicates. Not only is it an easy way to keep up with friends and family, but it’s also a convenient way to reach potential customers on a space they’re already occupying. Every industry has taken to social media to begin a conversation with their customers, and the construction industry is no exception to this. Construction Executive recently broke down some of the best practices you can follow to make sure your social media stands above the rest, and we want to reiterate some of these key points.

First and foremost, make sure you’re on the right platforms. Spending time on platforms that your audience isn’t on themselves is a waste of your time and money. With 85% of construction officials using Facebook, it is  an easy platform to get started with. The following are the most used platforms for those in the industry:

  • LinkedIn (92%)
  • Facebook (85%)
  • Twitter (74%)
  • YouTube (56%)
  • Instagram (46%)

Once you’ve decided where to be, you can then start to connect with your audience by sharing content relevant to your industry and your business, which is the second best practice to follow.

Creating regular content will show your audience you are engaged and involved. Businesses that only post once in a blue moon send the message that they aren’t active and ultimately lead customers to other companies more likely to engage them. Creating a content calendar will help keep you on track with a consistent posting schedule. This will also allow you to track your success to see what really resonates with your followers.

Finally, the future is video. Video is expected to become 80% of the content consumed on the internet in 2019. While we all enjoy a funny GIF or a sweet animal video, it can be tricky to figure out how to get started in an industry such as construction. So try something simple, such as a Facebook Live, to show off a particular piece of inventory on your lot. Not only will this engage your customers, but it also helps give them a better view of the inventory you have to offer.

If you need assistance, our GoSocial program is here to help make sure you’re on top of your social media game. GoSocial helps our dealers create a consistent social media presence while making them a thought-leader in the industry. We share industry-relevant news such as safety tips while also showing off dealer inventory and various departments. If you have the content covered, then don’t worry we have advertising only packages to make it simple for you to get your brand in front of potential new customers.

Ready to connect with us to get started on social? Let us complete a FREE social analysis for your dealership!


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