Top 9 Tech Trends in Construction

Technology has become irreplaceable in every aspect of our lives and the construction industry is no exception. Not only are we constantly using technology in construction, but there are new innovations on the horizon that are making the future of construction an exciting place to be.

ForConstructionPros.com recently featured a video sharing the Top 9 Tech Construction Trends on the way. We’re breaking down how you’ll start to see these updates show up on your next construction job!

  1. Robotics: Robotics had already started to creep into the industry, however now they’re making a bigger splash. Not only do robotics have the ability to help the construction industry become more productive in the face of a skilled labor shortage, but also can increase safety by doing repetitive and dangerous tasks.
  2. Exoskeletons: Another piece of technology that could help increase safety on the job are exoskeletons. Already in use in other manual labor heavy industries such as the military, exoskeletons can help protect workers against manual handling injuries.
  3. The Connected Jobsite: A connected jobsite is a productive jobsite. A lack of communication can be the downfall of any business and the construction industry is no exception. Adding new technologies to increase contact on all aspects of the job front will help keep key stakeholders informed and involved.
  4. Autonomous Vehicles: We’ve all heard the autonomous vehicle craze. Not only does it look like these self-driving vehicles are going to become common on the road but also on the construction site. Like robotics, heavy autonomous equipment could take the place of human-operated vehicles, increasing productivity and helping with the current labor shortage. A unique part of autonomous vehicles is that if coupled with electric power, work can take place around the clock without the need for a human operator and sounds of traditional vehicles.
  5. Advanced Materials: Construction can play a harmful role on our environment because of the materials used. New technology is helping to mold construction materials out of recycled resources, helping to eliminate unnecessary material waste while creating products that are more environmentally friendly.
  6. UAVs: Unmanned aerial vehicles have already taken to the air for many purposes including the construction industry. UAVs can be used in a variety of ways on the construction site such as for surveying land and inspecting job sites. While the technology is there to implement these devices, it may be some time before it becomes a full-fledged endeavor due to regulations and legislation.
  7. Virtual and Augmented Reality: VR is proving to be very useful in building for reviewing site logistics, performing virtual walk-throughs of work-sites, or conducting advanced training. Augmented reality in construction creates a digital overlay on top of a worker’s view of the real-world, allowing the worker to view both at the same time, which can help them analyze structural integrity, pressure levels, and safety warnings in real time on the jobsite.
  8. 3D Printing: The use of 3D printing is rapidly expanding in the construction industry. Building with 3D printing not only allows for faster prototype production, but also manufacturing of full-scale components for projects.
  9. The Intelligent Built Environment: Using data from all of these technologies as well as those already in place will allow the construction industry to create smarter, sustainable projects.

The construction industry is an exciting place to work in 2019 and beyond. How do you think these trends will impact your daily life on the jobsite? Share in the comments below!



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