Top 9 Tech Trends in Construction

Technology has become irreplaceable in every aspect of our lives and the construction industry is no exception. Not only are we constantly using technology in construction, but there are new innovations on the horizon that are making the future of construction an exciting place to be. ForConstructionPros.com recently featured a video sharing the Top 9 […]


Cybersecurity in Construction

We’re all used to the physical security of our homes and businesses – making sure locks are on the doors and security systems are in place. The construction industry is also accustomed to facing its own set of security challenges, with vandalism and theft on the job site. But what about your data? Cybersecurity is […]

What We Can Learn From Minnesota's Rising Trade Training

What We Can Learn From Minnesota’s Rising Trade Training

States around the country are continuing to face a major labor shortage, but a piece from MPR News featured how Minnesota has seen a surge in skilled-trades training despite the shortage. The approach and partnerships they’ve taken on within their market is something to be admired and a strategy followed, if possible. Here’s how Minnesota […]

Equipment Trader Feature: Warming Up Our Cold Calls

Equipment Trader Feature: Warming Up Our Cold Calls

Our sister company, Equipment Trader, thought that with this incoming cold weather, what better time than the present to talk about some ways to “warm up” your Sales Team’s cold calls? Making those cold calls is often a daunting task, especially for salespeople newer to the role. Equipment Trader enlisted “America’s Corporate and Personal Coach,” […]

How to Create a More Well-Rounded Business

How to Create a More Well-Rounded Business

With the craze of business that comes in different seasons for various dealerships, we often forget to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture of the business. Getting caught up in the chaos that can sometimes occur in a busy season, can quickly take away from this. Our hope is that this […]

Quirky Questions to Ask Job Applicants

Quirky Questions to Ask Job Applicants

In the past, we’ve written a lot about the labor shortage, how to make your website a better recruiting tool, and at the end of the day, how you can hire the right people. But what are some ways to get a better look at the person you’re hiring, the way he/she thinks, and would […]

Why You Should Let a Kid Run Your Dealership for a Day

Why You Should Let a Kid Run Your Dealership for a Day

While this blog title might have caught your attention and made you think we might be losing it, just hear us out! While perusing industry news recently, we came across this great piece from Total Landscape Care, about how taking a child’s approach to running your business might refresh your mindset and better your business. […]

Top Tips to Lengthen Your Excavator's Lifetime

Top Tips to Lengthen Your Excavator’s Lifetime

There’s no doubt that technology has allowed excavators to evolve exponentially over the past decade, creating a longer lifetime and increased capabilities for this machinery. So how can your customers get the most out of the lifetime of their excavators? When making this kind of purchase, it’s important to help them understand the maintenance routines […]

Why Dealerships Should Invest in Online Reviews

Why Dealerships Should Invest in Online Reviews

In the past we’ve discussed online reviews in detail. We’ve talked about anything from why you can’t rely on just the traditional word of mouth, how you can address negative online reviews, or even how to get more online reviews! But let’s discuss why they’re so crucial to your dealership and three places you could […]


Technology Trends: How to Get Employees to Buy-In

Whether it be social media, websites, or online listings, there is a plethora of ways that dealerships can use technology nowadays to elevate their business to the next level. Is your dealership taking advantage of technology to run a more efficient and ultimately successful business? Welcome to Part 2 of our commercial dealership Technology Trends […]