Employers Say the Skills Shortage is Impacting These 3 Areas

The labor shortage within the construction industry is impacting almost every facet of construction jobs. However, a recent report from Hays’ U.S. 2018 Salary Guide showcases that no matter what industry, there are three general business elements 92% of the survey respondents agreed were being severely impacted. Productivity: This is an obvious one when it […]

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Employee Satisfaction

Is employee satisfaction a top priority for your business? Do you consider this an area that can always be improved? Hopefully, you answered yes to both of these questions, as we think this area should not only have a high priority but should also never cease to be improved upon. Afterall, employees who are happy […]


Staying Productive While Working Late

Let’s be real, working 8 hour days are long gone. Most of us can’t even get what we need done in 24 hours. There’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything we need accomplished. If you find yourself taking work home with you some nights because the day did not go as […]