Your Website is Another Location of your Business!

I was reading an article about whether auto dealers’ Internet departments are becoming obsolete.


The premise was that there should be no separation in the departments because the internet is not separate, but integrated into the business.

If we take this premise one step further we should understand the following:

  1. Your Website is Another Location of Your Business- This location is open 24 hours a day, is never sick or on vacation.
  2. Your Website is a Process not a Project-A project has a beginning, middle and end.  Your internet presence like your business is an ongoing process.  Your business changes and your website must reflect those changes.
  3. Everyone at Your Company Should Be Involved-Obviously there are different roles for everyone, but if you have different individuals who are responsible for different departments they should have a role in making sure content is being updated to reflect business objectives.

You have no idea how many dealers have shared the horror stories of having one person who did everything associated with the website, leave the company, and then no one knew how to access anything.  YIKES!

We promote all facets of the dealership to have some involvement in the website and to use the website itself as a sales tool.  Why have a static entity out there representing your business when your business changes daily and your focus and strategic objectives are also ever evolving?

-Jennie Davis , OEM relationship manager for Commercial Web Services


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