Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service

A common thread among thriving companies is they know how to treat their customers.  They know that the old rule of “the customer is always right” is not always true, but at the same time they know to treat each customer with respect at all times, and to always keep an open mind and be sensitive to their needs.  The following tips will help any of your company representatives provide top-notch service.

  • The first key to excellent customer service is to LISTEN – no matter how long it takes.  Let each customer tell you exactly what they are calling for and pay attention so that it can be repeated back to them.
  • Ask relevant questions – questions that get to the underlying issue can quickly get a resolution.  If other team members or managers need to be brought in, be sure to convey to the customer so they know the plan of action being taken and they don’t feel as if they are being ignored.
  • Handle calls quickly – do not make the customer feel rushed but handle calls as quickly as possible to avoid wasting the customer’s time.
  • Keep bad days to yourself – don’t let a bad day reflect on how you handle your customers.  Also, don’t let a difficult customer make a bad day for you where you affect other customers.
  • Knowledge is power – know the products and services that your business provides.  If you get a difficult question and don’t have an answer advise the customer that you will get the answer and get back with them at a specified time.
  • Know your voice tone – the tone of your voice is just as important as the words that are being said.  A misunderstanding can quickly turn a current customer into a previous client.
  • Be polite – always, always, always be polite!  When a customer is frustrated or angry they are looking for help and do not mean to offend you.  Let them vent their frustrations then politely respond to alleviate their problem.
  • Know your customer – be sure you know the person you are speaking with, how to spell their name and the best time to reach them.
  • Take information correctly – repeat information back to the customer when it’s given to be sure you have it correct

These tips take effort, dedication and commitment but with a little perseverance any company representative can turn their customer service practices into great customer service skills.


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