Why Load-Speed Matters

When it comes to the loading speed of your website, every second counts when engaging a potential customer. People have very little patience, especially when it comes to technology, and if they have to wait to get what they want from your website, you will lose their attention. Speed is priority for most web-users and people naturally become anxious or disgruntled when they have to wait.  You have roughly three seconds to grab your end-user’s attention before they navigate away from your website. So it’s important to make that time count, right?

There are many different ways to cut down the load time of your website and one of those ways is optimizing images. You need to resize the images in order to optimize them. .BMP images are the heaviest files so avoid using them completely on your website. For your website the first preference for your images should be either .JPG or .GIF files as these are optimized for Internet already.

Companies can see large returns when optimizing their site for faster load times. According to Mashable.com, “Amazon.com increased its revenue by 1% for every 100 milliseconds of load time improvement. And AOL said its users in the top 10% of site speed viewed around 50% more pages than visitors in the bottom 10%.”

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