Today's Consumer Search for the Right Dealership

The next step in a prospective consumer’s journey is the search for potential dealerships to purchase from. The consumer has an idea what equipment model they need, and now wants to find where they can purchase it. A few years ago, this step in the consumer’s journey involved visiting dealerships and speaking with salespeople. Today, most consumers complete this step online.Therefore, it’s imperative to have a powerful website that truly represents all aspects of your dealership.

First, you want to have an easily navigable website to allow consumers to view the inventory you carry. A search field that allows consumers to look for exactly what they need. This is the equivalent of a buyer coming to your brick and mortar dealership and being able to find what they need, WHEN they need it. If you know consumers typically come to your dealership employees specifically to ask where they can find the equipment they want, then it may be a good idea to consider Chat for your website. Just as you would never let a consumer enter your dealership without being approached or ignore a consumer’s question, the same concept should apply for your website by using chat.

Second, you want to make it easy for consumers to request more information about each model. This “call to action” will allow you to gather more potential leads (more about this in the next step).

Lastly, you want to have contact information that is easily found on your website. You want to have, at the minimum, name, a phone number, and email address. The best way to gather this information is to provide a contact us form on your website.

Not sure if your website is working to meet your dealership goals and needs? Give us a call, we evaluate websites at no cost! Just comment below. 


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