Create Great 'About Us' Content

Create Great About Us ContentDid you know that the About Us section gets some of the most traffic on your website? Typically, when a visitor comes to your website, they will reach your About Us page within 3-4 clicks. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of this portion of your site, as it can help you reinforce why a potential customer should do business with you.

But talking about yourself can sometimes come across as bragging and can be challenging for many of us. That’s why we created this blog post. We want to help you think about your About Us page creatively and create great content to engage your website visitors to learn more about what you can offer them, and hopefully take action.

  • It’s not about you, it’s about your potential customers. Your About Us page should focus on what it is that you can do for them. Tell visitors what solutions and benefits your dealership can offer them if they choose to do business with you. Keep bragging rights to a minimum, and think about what a potential customer wants to know before doing business with you. One way you can create this content is to talk to your sales team and ask them what questions are typically asked during a sales call or what information about your dealership tends to seal the deal. This will give you a focal point.
  • Show some personality. Share things that make your company different, such as your work with the local community or photos from an employee appreciation event. Share your company’s story about how it was founded and it’s impact on the local community since then. Content like this creates an emotional connection with your visitors. But, showing personality goes beyond just the type of content you provide. Think about the tone and style of writing. Being more conversational and fun on your About Us page also creates that emotional connection with your visitors, making them more intrigued to do business with you.
  • Direct them to take action. After providing your visitors with all of these reasons to do business with you, doesn’t it make sense to provide them with a clear call-to-action? And since your About Us page receives some of the most traffic on your website, this is a great opportunity to move visitors further down the sales funnel. Place a call-to-action at the end of your about us section that directs visitors to take the next step, such as contacting your dealership to see how you can meet their needs or directing them to your inventory showrooms. But make sure it stands out, so they can’t miss it!

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions, and it is always best to continually tweak your website’s content to keep things fresh for your visitors. Try testing out different content for your About Us page and see what yields the best results. Are you wondering if your About Us page could use some tweaking? Leave us a note in the comments below and we will be happy to check it out for you!


Content Cheat Sheet | Commercial Web Services Blog / April 16, 2015

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