Christmas Stories

With Christmas being one day away, we thought it would be a great time to share our favorite holiday Christmas stories. Members of our Commercial Web Services team sent in funny and sentimental stories. 

  1. The Nerf Fiasco

It was the Christmas of 2012. Between my sister and I, we have 5 boys in the family, so we decided to buy them all new Nerf guns. Each Christmas, as a friendly tradition, my sister and I try to “out-do” one another, so we each went for the gusto with buying the Nerf guns.

I bought the Tommy gun; she bought the bazooka. I bought the shotgun; she bought the rocket launcher.

Well on Christmas eve, we opened the gifts, and to our surprise the boys didn’t really want to shoot their Nerf guns in Grandma’s house…so we did! My sister took the bazooka out of the box and loaded the rocket. Now this rocket head had the circumference of a cantaloupe and was about two feet long.  As we watch her struggle with figuring out how to work this massive gun, we hear a “Phoomp!  Thwack!”

All of our jaws dropped as we witnessed my little sister’s hair fly backwards as she frantically grabs her face. The bullet flew clear across the room and smacked this nonparticipating, unaware, minding-her-own-business family member dead in the eye!

Trying to hold back laughter, my sister with the bazooka says, “Oh, Lord! I’m so sorry!” But the sister with the now busted eye was not trying to hear an apology and lunged towards her bazooka-wielding nemesis. As she reached to throw a punch, all we hear is “crack!” The bazooka-wielding villain has now cracked the busted-eye sister on the head with the bazooka gun.

I haven’t laughed so hard in all my life.

2. The Christmas Homecoming

My sister Megan is in the Navy and is stationed in Japan. My family and I haven’t seen her in almost a year, so this Christmas Megan and I decided to surprise my parents by having her fly home for the holidays. It took a lot of planning and sneaking around. I had to steal the package of presents my parents were mailing her and hide it at my apartment so her presents weren’t sent to Japan. My mom kept trying to send the presents until I told her that I could ship it for free at my work. Winning!

Megan’s ship got sent out to sea a week before she was heading home. She went back and forth with calling me unsure if she was going to make it home for Christmas.

When Megan flew in, I told my parents I was coming over for dinner at their house but instead of me knocking on the door, Megan did. When my parents answered the door they were completely shocked and my mom started crying. It was definitely worth all the scheming and made my parents so happy.
The Commercial Web Services Team wants to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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