Best Truck Stops in the USA

What’s more traditional than an All-American trucking stop? Truck stops have been serving drivers all around the United States for more than 60 years, but a truck stop has become so much more than just a place to stop and refuel. Truck stops now offer gourmet food, retail stores, live entertainment and so much more. We have compiled a list of the top ten truck stops you must hit your breaks for. To get started, lets begin with #10 and go through #6! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the top 5. 

#10 Highland Petro

Didn’t have time to get your haircut before your trip? Highlands Petro has a hair salon ready to serve you! All that driving causing your body aches and pains? Be sure to visit the chiropractor at Highlands Petro to help you feel better!

Highland Petro is located off Highway 94 and Highway 20 in Racine, Wisconsin.

#9 Trails Travel Center

Trails Travel Center offers the largest Whiskey selection in southern Minnesota. No need to stop anywhere else to bring home gifts! Among the many other services they offer such as, gas and diesel dispensers, a semi truck wash and you can also use a full length, automated platform CAT scale that is open 24/7.

Trails Travel Center is located in Albert Lea, Minnesota



#8 Little America

In Flagstaff, Arizona, you will find a truck stop called Little America. Little America resembles a luxury hotel more than it does a truck stop. Need to stretch your legs? Why not play a round of golf or go for a swim on their property. Don’t forget to grab a 75 cent ice cream after all your hard work!

Little America is located in Flagstaff, Arizona

little america

#7 Sapp Bros

There are 16 different Sapp Bros travel centers located on Interstate-80 from Salt Lake City, Utah to Clearfield, Pennsylvania. What makes them unique? Their 24 hour roadside service staff are there to help you if you have any maintenance issues. After you have finished eating at their Apple Barrel restaurant, you can head over and attend a church service while on the road.

Sapp Bros has 16 different locations throughout the United States

sapp bros

#6 North Forty Truck Stop

There was pie, and then there was FRIED pie. Need I say more? After you eat your fried pie, why not go treat yourself to a massage. Want to relax and watch a movie? Enjoy their entertainment room at your convenience. Everything a trucker needs, North Forty Truck Stop has.

North Forty Truck Stop is located in Holladay, Tennessee

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the top 5 best truck stops in the USA.


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