Celebrating 10 Years!

This year, Commercial Web Services is celebrating 10 years as a business. Last week, you learned about our National Sales Manager, John Ryneska. Today, you will meet our General Manager Ricardo Porter. Ricardo has also been with Commercial Web Services for 10 years and with Dominion Enterprises for 17 years! To learn more about his experiences and what he has learned over the past 10 years with CWS, read below.

Ricardo PorterWhat brought you to Commercial Web Services and how has your position evolved? 
I came over to a relatively new division of DE called Vehicle Web Services. At the time, I joined as General Manager of a business called EquipmentWeb Services. The business was one of five RV Web Services, Marine Web Services, Cycle Web Services and Truck Web Services, all run by a General Manager. At the time, EWS was the smallest business in terms of staff, customers and revenue. RV Web Services was the largest. 

If my position has evolved, it’s because the business itself evolved. We went from one employee and less than 50 customers to about 25 employees and 900+ customers in about six years.  

When you look back over the last 10 years at CWS, how have we grown? For a period of about 5 or 6 years CWS had a trajectory of steady growth. A number of factors both external and internal temporarily disrupted this pattern of growth. We have a excellent team and Dominion Enterprises is investing in the business. As a result, I am confident and excited about the future of CWS.    

What has been your biggest accomplishment at CWS thus far? I would have to say, resurrecting CWS as a viable business unit of Dominion Enterprises. We started our business in a down economy, and we were able to make an impact not only for us, but also for our dealers. I am proud of that.

What are you looking forward to in the future at CWS? I look forward to the day when CWS is established and recognized as a bona fide industry leader. We have made quite an impact in the industry so far, but I know we have a long way to go. We want to become the go-to for all things online marketing when it comes to our dealers, and we really want to be seen as a partner in their business, not just a vendor.

What about CWS has made it “home” the last 10 years? The people have made it home for me. I have the privilege of working with and leading some of the most wonderful people. Dedicated, talented, smart, good people all working together to build something of value. I like that!


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