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On average, only 18% of the 205 billion emails sent a day are opened. This means that a lot of your time and effort may be going to waste on frivolous emails that are doing nothing for you or your business. Don’t stress though. With these 10 email marketing tips, you’re sure to improve your email marketing efforts.

Email New Contacts Within 24 Hours

It’s important to jump the gun early on any possible prospects in order to take advantage of any potential leads. Email potential customers the day after they subscribe to your blog, newsletter, a special offer and so on, to get a good feel of the type of engagement you can expect from them.

Send Your Email From a Real Person

Email recipients appreciate personal emails as opposed to company emails. Rather than sending out your emails with sender: Bobs Trucks N’ Stuff, send this instead: Bob Bobby, Trucks N’ Stuff. Recipients will be more likely to open emails that they feel are personalized for them, rather than a company email spam desperate to grab customers.

Pre-Set the Preview Text

Most email platforms display the first few lines of your email text. Therefore, make sure that the beginning of your email simply states what the email is about. But get to the point fast. Many email platforms will cut it off at around 50 characters.

Include One Clear Call-to-Action Button for Each Email

Most likely readers will be scanning over your emails rather than reading them, so why not get straight to the point? Provide a call to action in a location where it is visible and in a place that makes sense. HubSpot has free call-to-action templates you can check out.

Avoid Background Images

Don’t use an image as your background on your email. Certain email carriers do not recognize background images, and as a result your email will look sloppy and unprofessional, a sure fire way to lose a lead.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

While this may not necessarily help to increase your open/click through rates, it’s a great way to capitalize on opened emails. Make sure your emails are providing share buttons for all of your social media accounts.

Simplify Sharing With Ready Made Tweets

Help feed consumer laziness by creating a pre-made tweet for them! Once more, this tip capitalizes on increasing traffic to your social media accounts. Use ClickToTweet to create a tweet template and receive a link to embed into your text. For Example, Click to tweet, “A lot of your time and effort may be going to waste on frivolous emails that are doing nothing for you or your business”, if you’re enjoying this article.

Add Links to Your Images

The ultimate goal is to bring email readers to your website. Rather than cluttering your email with a bunch of links, add links to your images to provide another way for your recipients to find their way to your website.

Keep Mobile Users top-of-mind

56% of opened emails are opened on a mobile device, therefore it is important that your emails are designed with mobile use in mind. There are a few ways you can optimize your emails for mobile devices including reducing your image sizes, ensuring that your CTA buttons and links are larger than 45-57 pixels (see why here), and investing in responsive email templates.

Preview and Test your Emails Before Sending Them

Don’t make a fool out of yourself when sending your emails, check them first to ensure that it is laid out the way you intended. Try sending a test email to yourself so you can get the viewers scope.

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