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How to Rise Above the Competition: Establish Your Competitive Edge

Before you can tell a unique story about your business, you need to figure out the defining difference between you and your competition. This unique angle will shape your story. While some look to their competitors to shape their story and their defining difference, we suggest you don’t point out these differences between you and your competition unless asked. Directing a prospect’s attention toward a competitor could detract from your messaging and appear catty, such as these advertising no-no’s from Miller Lite and Hardees.

So, how do you find your value? We suggest you follow this 3 step process to establishing your unique angle.

Survey within

No one knows your business like your team does. We suggest sending out a survey asking your staff what they think your defining difference is. This survey could be left open-ended or you could give them a few options to choose from- is it your service and parts flexibility, your unique rental variety, the particular brands of equipment you carry? Whatever the answers are, getting the internal perspective on your business’s value will likely prove very insightful.

Survey your customer

Regarding your customers, rather than giving them a formal survey, which could come across as insecure, ask customers you’re comfortable with why they chose you, what they think you do well, and what could use improving. This insight will not only contribute to establishing your unique angle but also what you might work on in the future, killing two birds with one stone!

Brainstorm amongst management

After collecting this internal and external data, gather management to discuss the most eye-opening, popular, and succinct messaging that defines your business. Consider updating your mission and vision statements, including the about us portion of your website, to reflect this newly established value.

With this newly established angle you’ll have a fresh edge over your competition, and will be able to rise above them. Confidence in your brand and your value over the long term will trump bad mouthing other businesses or slashing your prices for a sale.


Sarah Gallagher

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