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Seasonal Marketing For Your Business

Summer is here and with another turn of the weather comes seasonal changes for your business! Every dealer of ours undergoes some sort of seasonal changes in their product offering, maybe even a jump or dip in business. We want to support you in not just acknowledging these changes that occur on the ground, but also for your business online.

As you seek to always generate leads through your business’s website and social presence, we want to share with you a few suggestions for marketing your business online with your seasonal demands, or sometimes lack thereof, in mind!

On Your Website:

Seasons are a common experience we all share. First, acknowledge the current season on your website with a seasonal banner, giving your website a refreshed look quarterly and improving your search rankings with an update for the search engines to crawl and recognize as new and relevant information to your customer base. You can also showcase seasonal bestsellers on your website, even adding a page specifically for those pieces that are in high demand for seasonal needs.

For Your Social Presence:

As we’ve supported previously, generic content that extends outside of your industry is helpful in cultivating your community on social media. While some might joke that no one wants to talk about the weather, the reality is it’s a common experience we all share and many of us discuss it with those around us on a daily basis. You might have seasonal events, promotions, etc. going on at your dealership. Mix these posts in with some general posts on community events of the season or even more general remarks about the weather, to reach a wider audience and engage your community on more than just business.


Whether your business finds itself in a slow season or a busy one, from a marketing standpoint, you should always be acting strategically with how you advertise in each season. Promoting seasonal bestsellers in addition via Facebook advertising or PPC, can help attract additional interest to the needs of your industry outside of your website. Always put your best foot forward by utilizing catchy call-to-actions about how you can serve your target customer in whatever season it is.

For example, during the winter try using a CTA such as “This winter is harsh, we can help you winterize your equipment here” or in the warmer months try, “Things are heating up, and so are these deals on lawn equipment!”


Be prepared to meet the needs of your customers during every season by continuing to activate your website, social, and advertising influences throughout the year. As a customer, when a business makes a conscious effort to stay active in their communication and involvement in seasonal affairs, it shows the priority they place on their customer and affecting change in their community.


Sarah Gallagher

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