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Remarketing: How it Can Help Your Dealership Online

Last summer we wrote about 6 challenges equipment dealers are facing online and some solutions that we offer. One of these challenges was being found online as a small, niche business. Our solution: search engine marketing, more specifically, remarketing. With the groundbreaking update last year of search data for advertisers, remarketing has become more valuable than ever within our industry.

Recap: What is Remarketing?

We’ve often emphasized the importance of getting in front of your audience online. Well, remarketing is important for staying in front of your audience online. Remarketing is a way for you to show your ads to people who have previously visited your website. It is regularly coupled with traditional pay-per-click advertising (PPC) which are the advertisements that attract visitors to your website in the first place.  

Dealership Scalability Online

Why is this a problem? Smaller businesses may feel a lack of presence online because it is hard to compete with larger companies. It’s no secret that a small dealership is going to have lower visibility online compared to their OEM’s or other larger retailers or marketplaces such as Craigslist. The key is maximizing the visibility you do have. Your end goal should always be for a conversion to happen, and the truth is this may not happen the first time they visit your website.

What is our solution? Commercial Web Services has a team of certified search engine specialists that can help even the smallest of businesses increase their online presence. Through services such as remarketing, our team can help get your dealership in front of the right customers.

The reality is, without some form of digital marketing, your small business is going to have a hard time being found online. Investing in remarketing to those visitors who’ve already shown an interest in your products before is a great way to help ensure they come back. For more information on the value of remarketing, check out this one-sheet we’ve created!


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