An Introduction to Trader Interactive

The season is finally catching up with all of the change at CWS! With new employees, new strategies and even a new website platform, everything seems to be new at CWS. We’re not done though, as CWS has recently become a member of the new Trader Interactive family. You’ve heard us talk about leaving our parent company, Dominion Enterprises, to make this change, but what exactly is Trader Interactive? Where did this company come from? Who is all involved? We’re here to answer all of your questions!

Previously, you knew us as being a branch of Dominion Web Solutions. We’ve changed our name from  Dominion Web Solutions to become Trader Interactive. This change was a decision to leverage the strength of the trader brand while reflecting the company’s focus on online interactions in both the business to consumer and business to business marketplace. The change comes after Trader Interactive’s acquisition by Eurazeo, a leading global investment company and Goldman Sachs, Merchant Banking Division. Our mission is simple. To bring buyers and sellers together through our digital solutions. Whether that’s through a website or social media with CWS, or buyers and sellers coming together on Equipment Trader, Trader Interactive is committed to continuing to bring the best-in-class.

Our new CEO and former President of Dominion Web Solutions, Lori Stacy, explains that the new name “emphasizes our commitment to finding innovative ways for buyers and sellers to interact.” She continues, “As a company rooted in online marketing solutions, it is our mission to continually develop and deliver industry leading products and services that help our customers connect with end-users throughout their path to purchase.”

Trader Interactive encompasses all 10 businesses that were previously part of Dominion Web Solutions. These include business to consumer websites Cycle Trader, RV Trader, ATV Trader, PWC Trader, Snowmobile Trader and Aero Trader as well as business to business brands Commercial Truck Trader, Equipment Trader, RV Web Services and of course, Commercial Web Services. A fun fact about these brands, they attract over 7 million unique visitors monthly and serve over 6,700 customers in their respective industries!

While we’ve been given a new name and will soon be moving locations, the Commercial Web Services you know and love is still staying the same. We are taking this as an opportunity to continue to grow and become the best we can be to help you become the best you can be. We strive to bring leading solutions for your dealership and hope that you’ll be able to see the positive changes that we already are!

If you haven’t already, check out the new website, www.TraderInteractive.com!


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