7 Of The Best Facebook Ads

Now that you know the four components to keep in mind when making a successful Facebook ad, let’s look at the different types and when to use them! 7 Types of the best Facebook Advertising: 1. The Facebook Video Ad Facebook treats video ads more favorably in the timeline because they’re becoming so popular. So, […]


Google's New Layout

If you’ve been using Google recently, you may have noticed that Google is no longer displaying ads on the right hand side of their search engine results page, as seen below.   This move does a couple of things for Google. Mainly, it creates a cleaner user experience when someone is searching. It also creates […]


Clicks vs. Impressions?

Web terminology can be confusing, sometimes even to an experienced internet marketing professional. Most individuals that manage a dealership’s web presence are familiar with the difference between an Organic Optimization campaign and a Pay-Per-Click campaign. A smaller majority of those individuals are familiar with the difference between an ad impression and an ad click. An […]