7 Of The Best Facebook Ads

Now that you know the four components to keep in mind when making a successful Facebook ad, let’s look at the different types and when to use them!

7 Types of the best Facebook Advertising:

1. The Facebook Video Ad

Facebook treats video ads more favorably in the timeline because they’re becoming so popular. So, why not take advantage of this? Video ads appear larger in the user’s News Feed and offer more high audience engagement. 50% of people who visit Facebook daily watch at least one video a day.

Why should someone use a video ad? Video ads are highly engaging and can capture more of your products or storefront than a photo can.  A video ad makes the viewer feel as if they are there with you. Video ads can be watched on the go! Videos are extremely mobile and mobile views are growing faster in audience than any other medium. Video ads can also be shared through many channels and uploaded fast on YouTube.

How can you create your own video ad? Checkout the Facebook video ad requirements, including the length and video size. Facebook would prefer you make your video ad as short as possible. 
1 - The Video Ad-2

2. The Photo Ad: A photo ad is the most popular type of ad on Facebook. Photo ads are great for generating comments and likes for your page.The optimal size for your News Feed ad photo is 1200×628 pixels or it will get cropped out. Use a photo that will appeal to your audience visually the most. This image shows you exactly what you’re getting and has a clear message with the “free trial” text. Photo ads are visual and create a clear snapshot of the value you’re receiving. This ad clearly mentions the healthy aspects of the ingredients in their products. You have one image to capture the viewer’s attention, so make it count.

2 - The Photo Ad

3. The Multi-Product Ad: Multi-products ads allow marketers to showcase more than one product they’re selling with one ad. Potential customers can scroll through the images and click on individual links to each product. What’s awesome about this type of ad is that that you can promote multiples of anything, not just products. It could be a blog post, ebook, products, webinar, services, event, etc. This ad would be perfect to run if you have more than one thing happening at your business. If you have an event coming up the same time a new product is going to released then use this ad to showcase it all!


4. The Local Ad: Local ads on Facebook only work if your business has a physical location in that area. Locally targeted Facebook ads are a great way to drive real traffic to your store. Say your business has an offer or event going on, you could create an ad for people within a short distance of your store. Have these ads appear a few days before the event and on mobile devices, so that people searching in the area on their smartphone will see the ad.


5. The Offer Ad: The offer advertisement is exactly how it sounds. A business can promote a discount on a product or service that can be redeemed through Facebook. The benefit of this ad is that it eliminates one step in the buyer’s journey, which will in return increase your sales. The user does not have to go to the website to claim the offer. The faster and easier a potential customer can make a purchase, the happier they are. Facebook allows you to create these types of ads in the Ads Manager. Facebook gives you the option for these ads to show up in your audience’s News Feeds, right hand columns or mobile applications.


6. The Event Ad: Event ads promote a specific event you’re throwing. The call-to-action on these ads sends users directly to purchase a ticket (if it costs money) or can give them more information about the event. Using this type of ad will help you drive the audience you want at the event. These ads will show up in your News Feed to the audience you chose. Getting people to attend a small event can be intimidating, but these ads will help drive the right kind of attendees. Be sure to make the benefits of this ad clear: price, dates, who is coming, etc. This picture particularly shows how much fun this event will be with the thousands of people in the background capturing the eye of someone scrolling fast through their News Feed. It helps that it is a beautiful day, so be sure to plan your photo accordingly if this is a first time event.


7. The Boosted Post: A boosted post is an organic Facebook post that was originally on the homepage of a company’s Facebook and was later boosted with advertising money. This type of ad is not created in the ads manager, such as the ads above. You do not have as many restrictions with these type of ads. There is no limit to word count and you can also have a link in the ad.

The cons surrounding boosted posts are: fewer options for targeting, bidding, pricing and you cannot run any types of A/B tests. This is because the ad was already created and not from scratch. But, a great incentive for a boost post is the like button in the right hand corner. It tells you three of your friends have already liked the page, encouraging you to do the same.


Facebook advertising can provide a huge advantage to your business if done the right way. A good thing to remember is that people are on Facebook to stay current with what’s going on in their social lives and not your products.Start by writing down your business goals and what you would like to accomplish this year through advertising. From there, you can create a plan and an ad that will work best for you. The Facebook Ads Manager Platform will walk you through how to create all of these different types of ads, so don’t feel overwhelmed! Also, as a part of our GoSocial package, we will run your Facebook advertising for your business. To learn more about this service, please email marketing@commercialwebservices.com. 


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