How to Create Social Content That Makes the Sale

How to Create Social Content That Makes the Sale

When investing time and money into your dealership’s social media profiles, we all want one thing right? That’s creating content that’s going to actually convert your followers into customers! We recently read an article by Social Media Today that had some great suggestions of how to create the type of content that will capture your […]


What Makes Good Website Content?

In SEO and online marketing there is a common phrase, “Content is King.” This is because Google, Yahoo!/Bing and the other search engines are putting more emphasis in their algorithms on the amount of original content that is populated on a website (and by content, we mean written site copy). The days of having a […]


Inspirational Quotes for Businesses

Every Monday, our business posts quotes that are mostly motivational and often unique as part of our content marketing strategy for our Social Media platforms (ie. Facebook and Twitter). Here are some of my favorite quotes: “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”  Seth Godin “Social Media is not just a […]