How to Create Social Content That Makes the Sale

How to Create Social Content That Makes the Sale

When investing time and money into your dealership’s social media profiles, we all want one thing right? That’s creating content that’s going to actually convert your followers into customers! We recently read an article by Social Media Today that had some great suggestions of how to create the type of content that will capture your followers’ attention, keep them engaged, and ultimately convert them into your latest customer.

Here are their top 5 techniques for creating content to convince that prospect to become a customer!

Interactive Content

Have you ever wondered why those Buzzfeed quizzes are so popular or why you’re tempted by their quiz to find out whether you’re a “Breadstick or Just a Pizza Crust?” It’s because this type of content has piqued your interest and is begging for you to engage!

Did you also know that the New York Time’s most popular piece of content isn’t actually an article, but rather a dialect quiz? Some of the leading social media pages end most of their posts with a question mark. Do you know why? Because it’s a simple yet effective strategy to create engagement. Ask a question and people are bound to answer!

You can also create interactive content by linking to a quiz your dealership has created, start a poll asking your followers which type of product they prefer, a dealership contest, or even a Q&A session!


Creating customer content that is longer than 160 characters not only could engage more potential customers, but also give them more detailed information about your dealership’s services in different ways than just the standard sales pitch. Creating longer-form content like an eBook also pushes to your website and can have a significant impact on creating online leads.

When promoting this type of content on your social pages, consider teasing it with a surprising statistic that will grab the reader’s attention and make them more inclined to click and keep reading through. Don’t have the time or resources to write a full eBook? Then start with creating a blog on your dealership’s website and write a blog post!  

Positive Emotions

Think of positive posts as the perfect posts! Posts that evoke positive emotions are known to perform better on social media. In particular, posts that elicit emotions like awe, amusement, and laughter make people more inclined to share the post. You might be thinking, how can you do this with content around the construction equipment or trucking industry? It’s simple! Consider sharing content that includes inspirational quotes relevant to anyone! Everyone loves a good #MondayMotivation post! You can also share things like your dealership’s struggles and achievements. Followers have demonstrated a deeper connection and commitment to businesses that are transparent. Just check out this post we wrote about it in the past!


Didn’t believe us the first or second time we talked about how important visual marketing is for your dealership? Then here’s another try! Our brains are wired to process visual content faster than written, and it actually helps increase information retention! We typically only retain 10-20% of information we read, but if paired with an image this retention increases to 65% according to Business2Community.

One way that you can include more visual content into your social media strategy is through a very popular format nowadays – memes. Memes have been hugely popular on social media and nine times out of ten, are humorous in nature. Consider using some humorous memes that relate to your industry to grab the attention of your audience and put a smile on their face! There’s no better first interaction with a potential customer, than one that elicits a laugh.

Check out an example of the ones our sister company, Equipment Trader, posts on a regular basis!

Equipment Trader Meme

User Generated Content (UGC)

This is often the most engaging and easiest type of content to obtain! Get your followers more involved in creative ways to then potentially feature the content they generated! For example, caption contests are a top engagement technique! This means you can post a funny photo, for example something caught around the dealership, and ask your followers to “caption this.” Then you can select the best caption and call out the follower so that they get credit. It’s a great way to get followers engaged and give them a little 15 minutes of fame.

Another social technique is to have a photo contest and have people share their photos with the potential to be featured on your page, win some dealership merchandise, etc. It’s also best to come up with a creative hashtag for the photo contest too so that your dealership name is attached to it. Don’t forget to the tag the winning follower in the post to give them some credit!  

People often get overwhelmed with the kind of posts to create for their social media profiles, however it doesn’t have to be so complicated to find ways to get your followers more involved. Just remember there’s no wrong way to post social content…well unless you make any of these mistakes. So don’t be afraid to get a bit more creative!


Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at Commercial Web Services where she monitors the latest marketing advancements to better educate dealers on marketing trends that can further their business goals.

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