Does Social Media Really Benefit My Search Rankings?

As search engines shift their priority for rankings from emphasizing the technical aspects of SEO, such as keywords and link-building, to delivering more personalized results, social media becomes more important. Why? Because social media specializes in the signals that search engines are craving right now: identity and relationships. Think about it. If a stranger walked […]


Google Personalizes Search Results

So what does this mean for your dealership’s website?  Google has  introduced a new concept of personalized search results, which means every user will see different results for the same search, if they are logged in to their Google account. Google optimizes this feature by tracking what you like  and visit most when logged into Google. Basically, social […]


Spring Cleaning and Your Website

Spring has sprung! This means it’s that time of year again to clean out your closets and wash the cars! However, in the midst of all of the spring cleaning, have you thought about cleaning up your website as well? Often websites have a tendency to accumulate clutter over time from adding pages, content, links […]