Kudos to JCB for their Haiti relief efforts

JCB Coast to Coast Charity Drive Launch

Congratulations to JCB for putting on such a successful fundraiser that also earned them a world record! Backhoe Across America was an epic journey where a JCB 3CX was driven 3,185 miles carrying a bucket of East Coast sand from Tybee Island, Georgia, to Santa Monica, California, to raise money for Haiti. The length of the trip secured the record for “The Longest Journey in an Excavator” in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It is absolutely unbelievable that this fantastic excavator can travel the same lengths that a person would make in their automobile. But what is most impressive is the campaign that went along with this 26-day journey. The road trip was done to raise money to help rebuild Haiti. JCB vowed to raise $1 million dollars for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund and the trip is symbolic of Haiti’s long road to recovery.

It’s been amazing to see our partners working for such a noble cause. I think it’s fair to say that we often forget how fortunate we are and that there’s a bigger world around us experiencing tragedies we are safeguarded from. It’ll take years to rebuild a country that was already in such a tragic state to begin with.

Congratulations to JCB for their record and the admirable work they have done to help those less fortunate.

To donate: http://www.jcbforhaiti.com

To read the release: http://www.ceunbound.com/index/siteblog-post-action/id.385/title.jcb-backhoe-achieves-new-world-record


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