Bing and Yahoo! Join Forces

Yahoo! and Bing the second and third largest internet search engines, respectively, have recently formed an alliance that is shaking up the world of search engine marketing. Both search engines will remain separate websites and retain their individual look and feel, but Yahoo! results are now powered by Bing’s search algorithms. This means that a search in Yahoo! will generate very similar results as the same search in Bing.

This alliance will affect both organic optimization and paid search (sponsored links or Pay Per Click) for many websites. Yahoo! is in the process of transitioning their paid search campaigns to the Bing platform. This will further expand the audience for a marketing campaign, as those who previously advertised in Yahoo! but not Bing will now show ads in both sites. These combined efforts will control 30.4% of search traffic and will be a larger #2 runner-up to the #1 search giant, Google.

As the algorithms between Bing and Yahoo change you can expect to see changes and fluctuations in your Yahoo! and Bing rankings. The best thing you can do to help keep your site at the top of rankings in both engines is to make sure that you are following Bing’s recommendations for good optimization. The basics of good optimization include populating your website with plenty of text based content using keywords relevant to your industry, products and services. Make sure you customize and populate your meta tags on every page and create good internal linking as well as inbound links from other sources. To find good inbound links, scope out the websites of your manufacturers, local Chamber of Commerce, BBB, trade organizations/clubs, business partners, local directory websites etc. and see if they all have a link to your website and ask if they can add one if they don’t. You can also provide commentary to trade publications, blogs and related industry forums and include your website link with your post. These can all help generate good links to your website, which will help rankings not only in Bing, but Google as well.


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