Importance of Backlinks to Your Website

Most of you are aware of the recent alliance between Yahoo! and Micrsoft (Bing), which has created a little bit of a challenge in the SEO world when it comes to Organic Search Engine rankings.  It has created the need to take a closer look at the different factors that each Search Engine takes into consideration when ranking a website.  That is why this is a great time to revisit backlinks!

Backlinks are links from external websites to your site.  Why are backlinks important? They help improve your site’s Organic Search Engine rankings.  Search Engine spiders follow these links which helps them find your site, plus they use these links to measure the popularity or authority of your site; it’s like a thumbs up or letter of recommendation from the other site letting the Search Engine’s know you are worth linking to. Therefore quality of links from other websites is important.  You want to get backlinks from sites that are ranked well and are relevant to your business.  For example:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Directory listings – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, dmoz.org
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Associations in your industry
  • Business alliances

Keep in mind that there are bad links. You want to avoid getting links from sites that may appear suspicious, like a link farm, a site that has pages and pages of links. Just as good links have a positive affect on your rankings, bad links can have a negative one.

When you get a backlink from another website be sure to use keywords that you want to rank for as your anchor text.  Anchor text is the word or words that you click on to open the hyperlink to your site.  For example if you have Used Construction Equipment Dealer Norfolk, then “Used Construction Equipment Dealer Norfolk” is the anchor text for the hyperlink to your site, which can help rankings for this keyword phrase.

It is well known that quality of links is more important quantity. Therefore you can have fewer high quality links and it can still help improve your Organic Search Engine rankings.  So by having quality links from sites relevant to your business it can help you gain authority in that particular industry, as well as help build your rankings

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