Is your E-newsletter Worth Subscribing To?

An effective e-mail newsletter (e-newsletters) paired with social media tactics can grab a hold of many potential customers for your business rather than just relying on e-mails or social media alone.

If you don’t have an e-newsletter yet, we suggest you get started now. Look at e-newsletters as an opportunity to:

  • Increase web exposure to help capture more leads and build stronger relationships with your current and potential customers.
  • Get ahead of the competition: If your competitors don’t have an e-newsletter then this is your opportunity to convey a higher level of professionalism than your competitors.
  • Build Customer Loyalty: Your customers want to hear from you! Provide incentives (coupons, specials, etc.) and interesting information that they may never be exposed to outside of your e-newsletter.
  • Strengthen Customer Retention: Connect with your customers in a way that makes them feel secure with their decision to use/buy your business’ products.
  • Build Word-of-Mouth: Give your customers and prospects a reason to talk about you and your awesome publication.

Once people subscribe to your e-newsletter or Facebook Page, then you have permission to market to them and the best way to market is a content-driven approach through the means of your e-newsletter. So how do you captivate your audience?

  • Provide unique value of being a subscriber.  Don’t just provide ads and specials because those incentives must be paired with great, relevant content to the target market you’re trying to reach.
  • Do not spam! Whether you send an e-newsletter monthly or quarterly, let the user know and don’t change up the publishing schedule.
  • Be aware. Monitor the open rates of your e-newsletters, know what sections are the most clicked on, and how it compares to past e-newsletters sent to develop a feel for what your audience is most likely to read.
  • Promote! By promoting your e-newsletter on your social media platforms, you’ll be sure to reach a larger audience.
  • Include unique tips. Share unique tips and key takeaways to allow your customers to feel even more confident in your services. Get them looking forward to your next e-newsletter by offering an insider’s tip in each issue.

Do you have a success story to share about your business’ newsletter? Comment below. 


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