Word of Mouth Marketing and Your Dealership

Word of Mouth Marketing is a) giving people a reason to talk about you and b) making it easier for the conversation to take place. People talk about fantastic stuff and great treatment from businesses they like. So how can you help generate conversations about your business?

#1: Change up your messaging.

Often times, when you’re wrapped up in what your business initiatives are and your industry, you forget to relay your messages in a simplistic way that may grab a larger audiences’ attention. For example, every time you get new equipment on your dealership site, do you announce ‘We have got Bobcat’s S590 in stock!” or have you considered saying “Are you an operator looking for the reach and visibility needed for dumping over a wall, backfilling or loading flatbed trucks? The Bobcat S590 is your solution! Check out our inventory here.” You can make these announcements via Social Media. Why Social Media? Because it is FREE. Why change it up?

Not everyone who is in the industry is as familiar with the industry’s products and services. So by describing a new model based on the job type it specializes in, may spark more interest than just announcing the name of the new model and expecting your audience to a) know what it is b) know what it is designed to do c) or go research if they don’t already know a or b.

#2 Be interesting.

Because being boring simply does not generate conversations. How can you be interesting?

Use Social Media to: Post photos of people at your dealership being silly (but keep it PG, of course), decorate your inventory for the holiday and post a photo/video of it, recognize your loyal customers, post interesting but relevant news about your industry, post your customer’s testimonials.

#3 Earn Trust and Respect.

People tend to talk to about businesses they have awesome experiences with or businesses that they have TERRIBLE experiences with. So ask yourself, which side do you want to be on? How can you earn this?

Dedicate an area on your website to allow people to submit their reviews and display them on your website. Scary, I know, but if you are a business that prides themselves on delivering superior customer satisfaction 24/7, then what’s the worry?

Send out follow-up ‘thank you e-mails’ to every customer who has bought from your dealership. Invite them to follow you on your Social Media platforms to begin growing that customer relationship your dealership is lacking. Building a strong customer relationship will only increase your chances of turning a customer into a loyal customer that is an advocate of your brand. By having brand advocates….


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