If Your PPC Traffic Is Not Converting to Sales, Then This Might be For You…

Are you tired of wasting your money on clicks that don’t lead to conversions in Pay-Per-Refine Your Keywords to Improve PPC ResultsClick (PPC) advertising? Use these tips to generate more targeted traffic, produce a higher ROI, and avoid wasteful spending in your PPC marketing campaign.

  • Eliminate the ambiguity in the keywords that you’re bidding on – and that would especially mean those one-word terms! To help with that, expand your keywords a bit more by specifying equipment and truck manufacturers, models, engine types, dimensions, and maybe even include model years.
  • Become familiar with the meanings of all of the keywords that you’re bidding on and refine them based on what you’ve learned. Keep in mind that many search terms relate to more than just one subject matter and if you’re using them blindly, then that can mean wasting your advertising dollars on irrelevant clicks and meaningless traffic.
  • Use keyword matching to have more control over the search terms that are able to trigger your ads. Generally, “exact match” and “phrase match” are better match types to use for gaining more control over when your ads are allowed to appear in paid search results. (For additional information about keyword match types: Visit Google Support or Bing Ads Help)
  • Create negative keyword lists for unrelated keywords that you don’t want your advertisements to surface for. You would have to think about variations of the keywords employed in your campaign that have multiple meanings and may show up for searches that are similar, but not exactly relevant.
  • Run search query reports to discover additional keyword phrases that users are finding your ads through; you may choose to add them to your campaign if the keywords are relevant and targeted enough. Search query reports can also bring to light some of the irrelevant searches that have resulted in unwanted ad clicks, so you can filter those over to your negative lists.
  • Always be specific and honest in your ad copy. If you don’t offer equipment ABC, truck 123, or trailer XYZ, then don’t mention it in your ads just to gain a new site visitor, because it might result in a bounce. Ultimately, non-specific and/or false advertising means wasting your Pay-Per-Click marketing budget on worthless clicks that could be reserved for potential buyers searching for what your website actually offers.
  • Leave your campaign in the hands of a professional who is well-versed in PPC online advertising and understands the heavy equipment and commercial truck industries. A search marketing professional can offer the expertise and insight required to tactfully manage and strategically execute your search engine marketing (SEM/PPC) campaign and can provide meaningful feedback to your team.

For more tips on how to get better results and more sales out of your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, feel free to ask below!


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