Using Your Toll-free Number to Convert Leads to Sales

One of the essential tools you have when selling your inventory is your dealership’s toll-free number. If no one is calling your dealership, your employees won’t have the opportunity to set up an appointment/gather prospect contact info. If an appointment is not set AND no contact information is collected, you have lost a lead. If you have lost a lead, well then, you’re simply not making money.

Try these 2 tips at your dealership:

  • Ensure that all calls are being answered and listen to what is being said over the phone. 
    • Are your dealership employees blowing good leads off? You can get an idea of how calls are being handled by having the ability to go back and listen to them. By doing this, you can determine what your dealership’s strengths and weaknesses are when handling incoming calls.


  • Ask yourself and your employees, do you need additional training on how to better handle calls in order to convert more leads to sales? 
    • For example, even if the customer was not interested, did you collect their contact information and note what the customer was looking for? Why is this important? You can save that customer data so that when that piece of inventory DOES come in, you have the ability to contact the prospect to let them know. Another option is sending out promotional e-mails for similar products to increase the probability of that prospect returning to your dealership for any of their other needs. Just think of the possibilities!

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