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Social News: Tweets More Findable in Google Search

Early in February of 2015, Twitter and Google struck a deal for tweets to start appearing in Google search results in almost real time. If you aren’t on Twitter, now may be a good time to start.

What does this mean for your business?
Distributing content through Twitter will now be more important than ever. Since tweets will appear almost instantly, your content will be more findable on Google, so focus on tweeting out videos, articles, and inventory (only 20% of the time!) on Twitter. By doing so, your tweets may begin appearing as top search results for products and/or services pertaining to your dealership, keeping you in front of the competition.

Another effect of this centers around your branding. Any references to your dealership, positive or negative, will be more visible in Google searches. That means it’s important to address any feedback you may receive on Twitter and/or monitor mentions of your business in order to get in front of it before it becomes a search problem as well.

For more information about this partnership, check out this article from Small Business Trends. If you would like more information about getting started with Twitter, check out our previous blog post.

Happy Tweeting!


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