Five Tips for Your Social Media Spring Cleaning

In earlier posts, we’ve described exactly why you should use Facebook for your dealership and offered insight into how social media affects your business’s search rankings. If you’ve taken the next step of setting up your social media platforms, then possibly you’re now faced with that unsure feeling of just how to leverage your social media presence to help your dealership.

Having a firm social media strategy is the first step to turning that social media uncertainty into confidence, so that you’re connecting with your customers and potential customers the right way. Busyness may have sidetracked your strategy, so spring cleaning your social media profiles will help you get on the fast track to success. Here are some quick and easy tips you can try out today!

    • Understand Your Time Commitment. Think about your business’SocMedApril.callout.finals demands, time considerations, resources, and also what you know has been working for you. In terms of social media strategy, it’s important to pick 2-3 platforms to try out and focus your time on. That way you dedicating time on creating content your fans actually need. By carefully considering the investment you can realistically put into your social media efforts each day. And you don’t have to invest a whole lot of time either. In fact, 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits by spending as little as 6 hours per week with social media. Are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ the best platforms to connect you to your community? Once you know where you need to be, then you can focus on what you should be sharing.
    • Focus on Fresh Content. You want your network to engage with you, so in turn engage with them by providing killer content! Consistently great content is key to a successful social media strategy, so expand the type of content (website links, images, videos, quotes) and make sure you update frequently. If you are lost about what to create, we covered some effective methods for content creation in our content marketing blog post. Narrowing your focus and increasing your post frequency will get you better engagement than lazy content and repeated information. Post about timely events relevant to your industry and share content from others that is relevant to your business’s goals.
    • Cultivate New Engagement. Facebook is still a powerhouse in social media; however, continuing changes to their algorithm means that getting the organic reach you desire may get trickier. Consider investing in Facebook advertising, which allows you to reach a new audience that’s interested in what your dealership has to offer. Facebook has a great advertising tool that allows you to reach audiences based on location, age, interest and many more specifications. Check out their tools here to get started!
    • Care About Your Social Community. In an age where seemingly everyone has some form of social media presence, creating a healthy, diverse social community will help your dealership and brand overall. Engage with other businesses, brands, and social media users. Think about local businesses or restaurants you visit often in your town. Go ahead and like their pages! If you visit their restaurant or use their service, post about it with a picture and a fun comment. Fostering your community involves engagement both online and offline. Actively retweet, repost, and share content from others, and don’t be afraid to tag other members or businesses in your community.
    • Spruce up Your Social with Video. Predictions show that in 2015, video will dominate as the social media content format of choice. Don’t fret, this doesn’t mean making highly produced videos! Instead, think about creating videos of employees demonstrating products, giving an overview of a new truck, answering frequently asked questions, or sharing reviews from current customers. In turn, this could drive traffic into your dealership and increase conversions on your website. Create a fun video to promote a special–this is an easy way to show your personality while keeping you on task!

You want to make the most of your time so that social media does the most for promoting your business. Making sure your dealership’s social media presence is more transparent, helpful, frequent, and accessible will maximize your efforts. Share behind-the-scenes, high quality content and engage your audience with questions, relevant information, and keep your efforts sincere. Take the time to spring clean your social media strategy and presence, and turn to your social platforms with a breath of fresh air!


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