Employee Spotlight: Carl Tarkenton

We want to introduce you to Carl Tarkenton, who recently was promoted to Graphics Team Supervisor in May and is our current employee of the quarter! He’s been with Commercial Web Services for over 6 years now and continues to push the limits when it comes to designing and redesigning our clients websites. Get to know him better by reading up on his answers to our questions below!

Carl Tarkenton HeadshotWhat is one piece of advice you always tell your dealers?
Dealers should always remember that content is king. As a Customer Service Rep, I always advised against letting “tumbleweeds” roll across their pages. They should also cherish their brand assets. Keep back-ups of logos, signage, letterheads, etc. It’s the face of your company and first impressions shouldn’t be inconsistent or grainy and low resolution.

What do you mean by a website having “tumbleweeds” rolling across it?
Imagine a Ghost Town in the Wild West. Everything dusty, abandoned, and vacant. Nothing moving except the tumbleweeds rolling across the street. Don’t let your website become this. Empty pages, little to no inventory, and outdated content will destroy a customer’s perception of you. A good example outside of our realm would be a visit to a restaurant’s site to check out their menu, only to find a pdf of their Winter Menu from 2012. So sad.

What is your greatest accomplishment at CWS?
My greatest accomplishment has to be the foundation I laid down that shifted how we code and design now. Through continued research and learning I’ve helped bring our dealers’ websites up a step towards modern web best practices.

What is your favorite part about working at CWS?
My favorite part about working at CWS is that everyday I’m presented with a new puzzle to solve and my creativity and ingenuity are constantly challenged. Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Always swim forward. Never sleep like a shark.

We look forward to many more innovative and creative designs from you and your team over the next years, and we thank you for always pushing the limits and making us a stronger team!


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