Facebook Pages Update: Response Time

Facebook is taking another step to help improve customer service through business pages: Response Time. Pages that have allowed people to contact the Page will soon be able to promote how quickly they are responding to customer questions. With this change, Page admins will see a response rate and response time when they log into the page, and if the rate is high, this measurement will also appear to Page visitors via an icon below the cover photos.

Facebook Responsiveness Indicator

Now it appears that not all Pages have this feature yet, indicating that it may be a slow roll out. But in order to receive the “very responsive to messages” icon under their cover photo, Pages must have met two specific metrics: responded to 90% of their messages and maintained a median response time of 5 minutes over the past 7 days.

How does this help your business though? During a time when a Page Admin Responsiveness Examplecustomer’s experience with you means everything, and people have set an expectation of getting answers 24/7 due to social media never closing, showing that your business is very responsive on Facebook can help reinforce why a potential customer should do business with you. It shows that you care about your customers and aren’t just looking to make a sale.

This addition also helps your business see where it could potentially be missing out on opportunities. You may feel that customers aren’t going to Facebook to ask questions or contact you, so you aren’t checking it very often. However, with this new measurement, you may be surprised that many of your customers are interacting with you there, but you just haven’t responded very quickly or not at all. So meet them where they are, and take the time to respond to their questions or concerns on Facebook to help create a great experience with your dealership.

Have you seen this update on your Page? Or have you come across it on another Page you follow? We would love to hear what your thoughts on it are!


Kellie Kathman / June 10, 2017

Technology becomes the teacher. Thanks for sharing this.


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